SPRED Partners is grateful to have received a grant from The Catholic Community Foundation to help promote the growth of SPRED in urban parishes in 2017.

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  •  •• Milwaukee Catechist Training Registration ••

    In order for us to best plan for your training, please register at least 10 days in advance of each training session using the form below, or call 414-595-7921.

    Most trainings are located at our model SPRED Center: Ss. Peter and Paul SPRED Center, 2480 N. Cramer St. Milwaukee. The center is located in the Cramer Building to the right of the church. Enter through the set of four doors and ring bell.

    See the Training Schedule.

  • Helper Catechist Training Description

    The purpose of training in SPRED is to provide volunteers a foundation in the method and a feeling of security as catechists enter into new relationships with their SPRED Friends with developmental disabilities. Training highlights the importance of environment, pacing, reverence, respect, hospitality, bonding, trust, commitment and openness to the journey. Helper Catechist Training is for the first time catechist or anyone needing a refresher by walking through a SPRED session with only the role of the helper catechist and their SPRED Friend in mind.


    The workshop introduces the journey of a SPRED session by discussion and hands on activity.  The day is designed to leave participants strengthened in their understanding of the SPRED method, the SPRED standards and the role of the helper catechist in ensuring quality catechesis with our Friends with developmental disabilities.*


    See the Training Schedule


    Helper catechists must also observe one SPRED session at a model SPRED site. Please reserve an observation spot from our contact page.


    Training is also available at the Chicago SPRED Center, and the Queen of Angels SPRED Center.


    *Taken from Queen of Angels SPRED site.

  • Core Team Training Description

    The SPRED Core Team consists of three catechists: Leader Catechist, Parish Chairperson, Activity Catechist. This Core Team takes on extra training to get a deeper understanding of the SPRED mentality and of their distinct leadership roles. Helper Catechists are also encouraged to take the trainings on the Introduction to Special Religious Education, if they wish.  See the Training Schedule. Training is also available at the Chicago SPRED Center.


    Training Required for SPRED Volunteers in Leadership Roles:


    • • 2-1 Intro to Special Religious Education •

      Focus on Parish Core Teams:


      Day 1

      • Introductions

      • History of SPRED’s development in Chicago

      and its current context

      • Development of pastoral catechesis

      • Video: Session with persons with disabilities

      • Symbolic catechesis - questions


      Day 2

      • Introductions

      • Catechetical roles

      • SPRED standards

      • Foundation: Revelations and Personal Faith


      Day 3

      • Introductions

      • Contract: adult community of catechists

      • Foundation: Parish -a believing Church

      • Preparation of community/environment


    • • 3-1 Role Orientation •

      Separate workshops for Parish

      Chairpersons, Leader & Activity



      Day 4 - Parish Chairpersons

      • Standards I - IV


      Day 5 - Parish Chairpersons

      • Standards V - VII


      Day 4 - Leader Catechists

      • Participants’ concerns

      • Method skills: adult preparation session


      Day 5 - Leader Catechists

      • Liturgical/sacramental preparation

      • Method skills: total community session


      Day 4 - Activity Catechists

      • Goals of the preparation process

      • Role of the activity catechist

      • The environment - art media

      • The silence activity


      Day 5 - Activity Catechists

      • Role of the activity catechist

      • Sensorial and everyday life materials

      • Agape/closure



    • • Observation •


      • Two observations of SPRED

      sessions at a model site.



      See the Observation Schedule.

      Reserve an observation spot.


  • The SPRED Room

    We begin with a Welcome.

    Each one is greeted; an invitation is given to enter our space as gentle music plays in the background.

    Handshakes and friendly smiles await us.

    Activities to capture our attention surround us.

    We are invited to select one and succumb to a creative work that slows us down, focuses us and readies us to be open to the Word of God.

    We move to our circle where we recall a lived experience that we feel even now.  We listen as others share their experience.

    In sharing our stories, we become aware of something we have in common which unites us.

    God is with us.

    Then are we reminded of a particular experience shared at Mass that evokes a similar feeling.

    Jesus is with us.

    A brief scripture passage is proclaimed.

    Our hands are held by our Leader Catechist as a message is given to us.

    The Spirit is at work in us.

    We use our hands and voices in song to offer our gratitude and praise.

    We celebrate our joy in being together.




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